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In times of need

It’s amazing the type of prayers that God answers, especially when we ask it for the glory of God. When we as followers of Christ, have God’s agenda in mind, we can accomplish many things that lead to salvation. Last fall, we took on that calling and decided to help the helpless.

After the devastation of the flood in Louisiana, we changed routes on our tour and sent a team down there for a whole month. The team handed out food, cleaned up areas, fixed up houses, and brought the hope of Christ to everyone around. Click on the picture on the left to see more about their journey.

Just like our team members helping the folks in Louisiana encounter God’s hope, you too have an opportunity around you. Look at your neighborhood, family members, and ministries you support. How can you be used by God to see amazing prayers answered, like John talks about in 1John 5:14? Whatever it is, pray in boldness and walk in Christ.

-Chris Wineland

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