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Get to know our Missionaries

Micah and Bella Thomas

Micah and Bella Thomas joined in 2014/2016. Meeting in the ministry, they were married in April of 2018. Micah now keeps busy as the Creative Content Director of NLDC and working for Oasis Community Church. Bella is our Director of Development and also works for Converge Digital part time. 

Chris and Micah Wineland

Chris and Micah Wineland joined in 2014. Since then, they have become married and are heavily involved in NLDC. Chris is a full-time traveling stand up comedian, and he helps with acting/improv for the drama company. Micah trains our new recruits along with being the communications director of the ministry and works for Oasis Community Church.

Dillon Heiserman

Dillon joined the ministry in 2015. Dillon is passionate for the Lord and training up ministers. He is the Director of Road Life, and at home base, helps trains our recruits.

Mary Halter

Mary Halter is from New Jersey and joined in June of 2017. Mary loves being able to serve God and His Kingdom through the gifts He has given her. From drama, to ministry, to digital media work, she is excited for God to use her as the Media Director at home base.

Jade Faulconer

Jade is from Oregon and joined in June of 2019. She loves traveling and is thankful that God is letting her be apart of an amazing ministry. She is excited to see how much she'll grow in the next year and to see what God has in store for her.

Melvin Fisher

Melvin is from Pennsylvania and joined January of 2018. Melvin has always loved people, but after joining and experiencing first hand the miracles of God and being used as a tool for it, his passion only increased. The Lord has developed in him a heart for long term missions work.

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