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Be a part of our story.

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For more than thirty years, the New Life Drama Company has brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cities, schools, churches, and the world.


When one of our NLDC teams arrives at a church, school, or event they will equip the next generation, edify the church, and encourage those around them! 


By donating to the New Life Drama Co. you are making a lasting impact in churches, neighborhoods, communities, and ultimately the entire country. 


Your gift today of any amount will help New Life Drama Co: 

  • Engage people with the gospel on a daily basis. 

  • Equip leaders of the next generation.

  • Invest in our vision to train 18-28 year olds to go ignite the churches of America on fire with the passion for the Lord. 


People across the Nation are craving a more intimate relationship with God and do not even know it. With your help, we can be the light that helps to guide them out of that dark place. 


Becoming a partner with New Life Drama Company is one of the easiest ways you can make a difference in our country at these pivotal crossroads in our nation's time. 


Would you give your best gift today and help transform the lives and hearts of thousands through drama and the knowledge of the love of God?



Looking for a way to make an even greater impact? 

It's the easiest way to spread the gospel across the country, revive churches, and invest in the next generation! 

If you have a great love for advancing the kingdom across the country, becoming a monthly financial partner is one of the best ways you can directly make an impact.

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