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Our tuition costs, refund policy, donations, and payment plans for student tuition.


Dates for application, orientation weekends, start of school, graduation, and other key dates. 

Student Guidelines

Everything you need to know about our beliefs, who we are, how we operate, what to bring, and what to prepare for. 


New Life Drama Co. is a  traveling drama ministry dedicated to changing lives through the arts. We recruit leaders with a passion for God, a heart to see life change and give an opportunity to learn new talents, travel the world, and see God in a revolutionary way. 

We are located in Scottsdale, AZ and we are affiliated with Oasis Community Church. Our students arrive for orientation and will be trained by Oasis' Pastoral staff and the directors of New Life in the foundations of faith, worship, scripture, servanthood, and the DNA of this ministry.


Our tuition cost for a first year student is a non-refundable fee of $2500 or $1000 for the summer experience. Your tuition provides room, board, and necessities during your travels. Our teams run independently by love offerings and monthly partners during their missions, allowing us to keep tuition costs at the lowest rate compared to other schools of ministry.

Ready to join us? To apply, fill out the application. One of our directors will contact you shortly with the details on our interview process. We prefer a face to face connection so prepare your phone or computer to be able to have FaceTime or Facebook Video Chat. 
Your interview process will begin when the application fee of $25 is processed for your background check. You can pay your application fee here. 
Once accepted, Your placement in our program is locked in with a non refundable payment of $500 toward your total tuition that must be paid in the first 30 days of receiving your acceptance letter. The final $2000 can be paid upon your arrival. 

Need any other information or want to stay connected with our ministry, visit our other platforms.

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