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Est. 1983

New Life Drama Company began in 1983 when Founders David Woodrow and Billy Claudio, accompanied by six fellow Bible school graduates, took to the road performing short powerful sketches. NLDC’s unique method of delivering the gospel caught the world’s attention quickly. Our ministry team soon began performing sketches on satellite television and video, radio, live in concert with artists such as Carmen and Petra, national conventions, and even illustrated messages delivered by some of the most dynamic speakers in the church at that time.


Over the next four years, NLDC grew to three teams of young people who were unashamed of the gospel and preached Jesus everywhere they could. Apart from performing drama in the U.S., NLDC began sending teams to Europe to bring the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to the nations. The ministry was also continuously active in tract distribution, outreach to the poor and ministry of helps to the Church. By 1990, New Life Drama Company had solidified itself as a major asset to the church around the world. Continuing our mission to evangelize the world through drama, our mission trips included South America, Central America and the South Pacific.

NLDC’s impact became so great that the ministry began receiving invitations to public high schools around the nation, too. Even with the “Separation of Church and State” issue, the schools were so impacted by the power of our drama that when a rash of suicides began in South Carolina (and a short time later in Louisiana), the local schools were so

overwhelmed that they called on NLDC.

The team’s unconditional love, combined with the power of God, brought healing to the students as we stayed with them for three months.Thankfully this is not unique as every year our teams minister in every state across the country. Our heart for evangelism and missions work as well as encouraging the church is evident to all who see our ministry. 


In early 2014, a new chapter was born at New Life Drama Company as we left our original roots in Tennessee and moved our headquarters to Scottsdale Arizona. Billy who had left the ministry in the mid 90’s was called back to carry the mantle of the NLDC as David Woodrow passed the torch to the next generation.  Billy and his wife Dawn are lead pastors of Oasis Community Church and now joyfully look to empower this era of The NLDC with new sketches as well as digital technology for greater impact.

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