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Traffic light

1st Gen


BELLA:    Not another red light! I’m going to be late for my girl scout meeting!


CHRIS:    (honks)


BELLA:    Why are you honking? Don’t you see it’s a red light?


CHRIS:    (honk ,honk)


BELLA:    Sir can’t you see I cant go anywhere!! It’s a red light!


CHRIS:    (instrument noise)


BELLA:    Where did you even get a tuba??


CHRIS:    (dog bark)


BELLA:    Oh come on! Now you got your dog in the mix?  If he makes one more noise I’m going to get out of this car and go tell him what’s what!.... (waits a minute) oh good maybe he got the idea!


CHRIS:    (soft beep)


BELLA:    THAT’S IT! (climbs out of car and goes over to other car door)


(motions to have him roll down his window)


CHRIS:    Oh hello!


BELLA:    Sir, do you see that light?


CHRIS:    Yes.


BELLA:    And what color is it?


CHRIS:    Red.


BELLA:    And what do we do at red lights?


CHRIS:    We stop.


BELLA:    Then why are you honking?!


CHRIS:    Well it was your bumper sticker.


BELLA:    My bumper sticker! what about my bumper sticker?




BELLA:    oh . . . 


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