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1st Gen.


(Billy is laying down. He opens his eyes and immediately panics. Billy jumps up quickly and looks around; Frantically running from one side of the stage to the other.)


BILLY:          Where am I? Where am I? (screaming) Can someone tell me where I am?!

JESUS:        Billy.

BILLY:          Who’s there? Where are you? Can you tell me where I am? How did I get here?

JESUS:        Billy, you’ve lived your life and now has come time to review it. 


BILLY:          What?!

JESUS:        Billy, listen to this first voice. 

GLENA:      Billy? Billy? 

BILLY:          Glena? It’s my sister, Glena. What’s happening? Can you tell me where I am?

GLENA:      We’re not together anymore, Billy. Do you remember the time we went to grandfathers church?

BILLY:          Of course I remember! Where are you?! Help me!

GLENA:      I got saved but you didn’t. Why didn’t you get saved Billy?

BILLY:          Glena, come on. I was young. Get me out of here. Where are you?


BILLY:          Glena? Glena? 

JESUS:        Billy.

BILLY:          I'm not sure who you are, but my sister was here. I'm really confused.

JESUS:        Billy, tell me if you remember this voice.

TAMARA:    Billy, do you remember me? I was your first girlfriend.

BILLY:          Tamara! I remember you, Tamara! Listen, I need your help. I don’t know where I am! My sister was just here but she left. Can you help me Tamara?

TAMARA:    I can’t help you now, Billy. I wanted to when we went to school together. But I couldn’t do all those things you wanted to do. Do you remember when I tried to tell you about Jesus, Billy? But you wouldn’t listen to me. I’m sorry, Billy. 

BILLY:          Tamara! It’ll be different now! Tamara!

JESUS:        Billy. 

BILLY:          Tamara, don’t leave me here! Help me!

JESUS:        Billy. 

BILLY:          Who are you? I'm confused and scared! Can you help me?

JESUS:        Billy, do you remember the voice of this man?

BOSS:         I gave you your first job.

BILLY:          Mr. Bither! Mr. Bither! (getting more frantic) I need your help, Mr. Bither! Can you help me? 

BOSS:         Billy, do you remember all those times I invited you to come to church with me? Billy, why didn’t you come?

BILLY:          I was going to! I wanted to, things just came up!

BOSS:         Billy, why did you steal from me?

BILLY:          I’m sorry, Mr. Bither! I didn’t mean it! I’ll pay you back! I promise! Mr. Bither help me. (starts to cry) Please, Mr. Bither. Why doesn’t someone help me?

JESUS:        Billy. 

BILLY:          (not hearing the voice) Help me somebody, please.

JESUS:        I know you recognize this voice.

MOM:         (a mournful cry) Billy, oooooh Billy…

BILLY:          Mamma? (Crying uncontrollably) Mamma. Help me, Mommy. Mommy, it’s so dark here! I’m afraid! Help me, Mommy, please! Get me out of here. Mommy!

MOM:         (crying) Why did you hurt all those people? Why didn’t you get saved, Billy? Why didn’t you get saved?

BILLY:          Momma, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Please don’t leave me, mommy. I need you. Mommy, please help me. Mommy!

JESUS:        Billy.

BILLY:          No! (running trying to get away from that voice) Mommy!

JESUS:        Billy.

BILLY:          Nooooo! (Screaming) Mommy, please help me!

JESUS:        (more stern) Billy!

BILLY:          Who are you?! What do you want? Why don’t you leave me alone. Who are you?

JESUS:        You don’t know me, Billy. 

BILLY:          Can you help me?!

JESUS:        I tried to help you before. I knocked on your door many times, but you wouldn’t open. Now, you have been weighed in the balance and been found wanting. Depart from me into everlasting punishment!

BILLY:          (Running to the front of the stage screaming) Noooooooooo! (Panic stricken) No! No! I’m sorry! I’ll change! Let me out of here! Please let me out of here! I don’t want to be here! Someone, help me! Please! No! No!

2 DEMONS: (walk up from back of stage, grab Billy, drag offstage)

BILLY:           Noooo!