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The Ugly

Chris Wineland



(A girl rushes into her bedroom, furious. You can tell that she has been crying. A backpack sits next to one chair. On the other side of the room is a man standing watching her. She doesn’t look at him, but he is watching her.)


GIRL:     I can't believe she did that! She is so insensitive! I’m so furious, I could… I could kill her.

MAN:    Who could you kill? 

(the girl answers Him but never looks his way)

GIRL:     This terrible girl! She made fun of everyone today. She teased this kid who has no friends. He wanted to sit at her lunch table and she got all of her friends to laugh at him until he walked away. She’s been like this for a while. She’s never gonna change. I could kill her… She would thank me for it too. I know she would. She’s miserable. She tells me all the time! I should... I should kill her.  

MAN:    Who should you kill?

GIRL:     This girl who’s such a brat.

MAN:    What’s her name?

GIRL:     Katie. We used to be friends, but how could I be friends with her after everything she’s done. She’s pathetic! She throws herself at every guy she sees. I don’t know if she thinks she’s getting love. But she always comes to me crying about how a guy used her and the next day she’s with another guy. We were at the mall together last night and she just got in a guy’s car and left! She gives herself away! And she treats me like scum anytime a guy is around. I can’t hang out with her anymore. If she tries to talk to me again I’ll lose it. I know when I see her again I’ll kill her. I really will. I really will kill her.

MAN:    Who will you kill?

GIRL:     I told you. Katie. She doesn’t deserve to live. I was her best friend and she turned on me. On me! When I went to the bathroom today, she called me ugly! She said I was hideous! She said I was a joke! A mistake! She said… She said I was worthless! I couldn’t go on with my day. I just sat in the bathroom all day and cried! She needs to die! 

MAN:    Who needs to die?

GIRL:     I told you, Katie.

(The girl now begins to rummage through her backpack)

MAN:    Who’s Katie? 

GIRL:     Don’t you listen?! She’s a terrible person! She deserves to die!

MAN:    Who is Katie?

(Girl is breaking into more tears)

GIRL:     Stop it.

MAN:    Who’s Katie?

GIRL:     Stop it!

MAN:    Who is Katie?

(Girl pulls bottle of pills out)


GIRL:     (explodes in tears) I AM!

MAN:    Don’t do this Katie.

GIRL:     Don’t do this? After all I’ve done, I deserve this! I deserve to die! I don’t even know who you are. How are you even in my room? You just started talking to me. Who are you? 

MAN:    I’m someone who knows what you’re going through. I went through the same pain you're going through. I was rejected. I was hated. I was mocked. 

GIRL:     Who… Who are you?

MAN:    Someone who was beaten. I got whipped over and over and over again! They slashed me so hard, skin was ripped from my body. My face was so distorted nobody could recognize me. 

GIRL:     Who is “me"?

MAN:    I'm someone who walked. I walked to where I would die. I was pinned to a tree. With nails! They held me up! I couldn’t breathe! I couldn’t escape the pain! It was unbearable! But I let it happen for you! I did this for you Katie. I died so that you wouldn't have to. You can’t live with yourself… live with me.

(The girl finally looks at the man)

MAN:     Who am I?

GIRL:     Jesus! And I need you!


(The girl falls to her knees and drops the pills. Jesus ministers to her.)

MAN:    Katie, you are not a mistake. You are not worthless. I made you and I died for you because I love you! I love you, Katie. I forgive you. Now rise and sin no more.



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