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The Throne Room

Micah Thomas + Dilon Heiserman

(Lust is sitting center stage, asleep. Bethany tip-toes across with Jesus walking behind her)

BETHANY:      Ahh, Jesus follow me.

JESUS:            Bethany, what is that?

BETHANY:      It's nothing, now be quiet! 

JESUS:            (points to lust) Bethany, I can see whats on your throne. 

BETHANY:      What throne?? Jesus this seems to be the perfect time to worship you! I worship you, I adore you!! 

JESUS:            Are you trying to distract me??

BETHANY:      (grabs Jesus's face and spins him away so she's blocking Lust) You're a good good father, its who your are! Its who you are! Its who you......

JESUS:            Do you see what I see?!

BETHANY:      What, no!?

JESUS:            You don't see that big besetting sin sitting on your throne??

BETHANY:      No??

JESUS:            Right there!! (points at lust)

(Lust wakes up with a growl)

BETHANY:      Aaaaahhh Jesus you woke it up! Now I have to put it back to sleep. (Bethany clears her throat) Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little deemon. Go to sleep, go to sleep, don't you ever wake up!

JESUS:            Bethany, you can't keep pretending like this isn't here.

BETHANY:      What!? Nothing is here. Its just me, myself and I!

JESUS:            Bethany, this is a besetting sin you have.

BETHANY:      Whats that?

JESUS:            Its that one thing you kept from me when you accepted me into your heart. In this case, its lust.

BETHANY:      Well, lust was pretty neat once you got to know it.

JESUS:            Pretty neat?! It has really affected our relationship!

BETHANY:      Jesus its fiiiiine.

JESUS:            No, its not. You have to tell it to get off.

BETHANY:      Do what?

JESUS:            Get off.

BETHANY:      You want me to tell it to...

JESUS:            Get off!

BETHANY:      You want me to....

JESUS:            Get off!

BETHANY:      My butt and tell it to......

JESUS:            Get off!

BETHANY:      Fine! (Walks over to Lust and lightly taps her shoulder) 

LUST:              (Startles awake)

BETHANY:      Heeeeyyy Lust, how are you doing today? You look so cute! have you been whitening your fangs?

JESUS:            Bethany!

BETHANY:      Lust, get off the throne!

(Lust yells loudly)

BETHANY:      OH! Jesus it always gets so weird when you come around! Everything begins to change, and I DONT LIKE CHANGE!!

JESUS:            Bethany, you can't serve two masters. You have to tell it to get off.

BETHANY:      Lust, get off the throne!

LUST:               (Whimpers)

BETHANY:      Awwww I'm sorry. You're so cute! Do you want some cuddle time?

(Lust bites Bethany) Aaahhhhh it bit me!!!

JESUS:            Remember, the devil is a creature and is trying to use lust to control you! You have to tell it to go, and use my name and place me on the throne! 

BETHANY:      Lust! Ahh, Lust! Ahhhh.....get of the throne!!

LUST:              By who's authority do you barge into MYYY throne room and tell me to leave?!

BETHANY:      I didn't know you could speak! Get off the throne!

LUST:              Fine!

JESUS:            Great job. Now Bethany, you need to place me on the throne.

(Bethany pauses, then has a sudden outburst)

BETHANY:      Yeeeaaaaa!!! Bethany always wins! You can just stand there and I can sit here. You're a good, good father from over there, over there, over there!

(Lust comes back and sits on the throne with Perversion, Envy, and Hatred)

What?! Ahhhh! Who are you guys?!

LUST:                Just a few of my friends.

PERVERSION:  Hi! I'm Perversion. Pleasure to meet ya!

ENVY:               My names Envy. Heeeeeyyyyyyy.

HATRED:          Hatred! Nice throne room, bub!

BETHANY:       Jesus! It came back with a vengeance!

JESUS:             You have to use my authority and tell Perversion, Hatred, Envy and Lust to get off the throne in my name!

BETHANY:       I command Perversion, Hatred, Envy and Lust to leave in the name of Jesus!

LUST:               Well, she sure manned up!

PERVERSION: Yeah, you don't have to yell!

HATRED:         How rude!

ENVY:              Envy out!

LUST:               You've changed! Hmpff!

BETHANY:      Thanks Jesus, I couldn't have done it without you.

JESUS:            Yes, now place me on the throne.

BETHANY:      Okay, let me just clean it up first.

JESUS:            Good. Now that I'm on the throne, your past sins can't come back.

BETHANY:      Wait, what do you mean? Lust can't come back?

JESUS:            No, you have to love what I love and hate what I hate, and I hate sin!

BETHANY:      Welllll, hate is a strong word...

JESUS:            But this is your soul on the line!

BETHANY:      But I don't think I can do it!

JESUS:            I can help you!

BETHANY:      Its just.......Jesus, I like my sin!

(Lust comes back and sits on the throne)

BETHANY:      Wait, what is it doing back?! I haven't made my decision yet!

JESUS:            Bethany, if I'm not on the throne, sin is. You've already made your choice.



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