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1st Gen.


JOSH:        (starts off by pulling up on his leg.) Ugh, help me someone I’m stuck. (Pulls leg again) Help me, I’m stuck. (looks to the Left) Sir, please come here and help me! Please! I’m stuck. (looks to the Right) Hey! Hey! Hey! I need your help over here. (Grabs leg and pulls) What’s wrong with you people? Can't you see that I'm stuck? 

DALLAS:    Hey man, what’s going on?

JOSH:        I’m stuck. 

DALLAS:    Stuck in what?

JOSH:        I’m stuck in Sin. 

DALLAS:    No way, I’m stuck in sin too. 

JOSH:        You are?! 

DALLAS:    Yeah man, doesn’t feel great, does it? 

JOSH:        No, it doesn’t. 

DALLAS:    Well, what are you stuck in here for?

JOSH:        (mumbles) A little bit of drugs and alcohol.

DALLAS:    What’s that?

(Josh mumbles again)

DALLAS:    Pepto Bismol?

JOSH:        (shouts) Drugs and alcohol!

DALLAS:    Wow, you're going to be stuck in sin for a long time. You’re an addict. 

JOSH:        Well, what are you in here for?

DALLAS:    Just a few minor things like adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, and jealousies, outburst of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murder, drunkenness, murder; stuff like that. But hey, I make it look good. Man, I need a drink. (Runs off and get a drink) 

JOSH:        How did you do that?

DALLAS:    Do what?

JOSH:        I thought you said you were stuck in your sin.

DALLAS:    I am.

JOSH:        But you just got out. How did you do that? 

DALLAS:    Oh! I’m a Christian. (dramatic wink to the crowd)

JOSH:        What does that mean?

DALLAS:    That means I have Grace. (dramatic wink to the crowd)

JOSH:        What’s Grace? 

DALLAS:    Grace is something that God gives us to use freely to get in and out of our sin whenever we want. Kind of like a license to sin. Here, watch. I'm in my sin. (Jump out of your sin) Out my sin. (jump in your sin and then back out in quick succession) In my sin, out my sin, in my sin, not stuck, stuck (yell something crazy), not stuck, stuck, (yell) not stuck... (jump back in one more time) Stuck.

JOSH:        How do I get some of that Grace? 

DALLAS:    You get it by asking Jesus Christ in your heart as your Lord and personal Savior.

JOSH:        So if I do that do I get Grace? 

DALLAS:    Yeah, sure. 

JOSH:        How do I get it? 

DALLAS:    Just pray. It's all in the hands really. 

JOSH:        Okay. (Josh pretends to pray) In Jesus name, amen. You know, I do feel different. Does this mean I can get out? 

DALLAS:    I don't know. Try it. 

JOSH:        Alright, here I go. (counts down and then jumps out dramatically) Hey! I’m free! I’m out of my sin! (Runs in circles around Dallas and then spits at his sins and makes lots of noise.) 

DALLAS:    And just so you know, whenever you’re ready you can go back to your sins. 

JOSH:        Go back to my sin? What do you mean?

DALLAS:    You're still the same person. I mean, you still like to drink right? 

JOSH:        Well, yeah, I do get thirsty a lot. 

DALLAS:    (pours a drink) Well, here. Try this.

JOSH:        Are you sure I'm not gonna get stuck?

DALLAS:    Of course! You’re a Christian. You have Grace, duh.

JOSH:        And you’re sure I am not going to get stuck?

DALLAS:    Just drink it up come on. 

JOSH:        (Almost Drinks the alcohol but then jumps out) I can't! 

DALLAS:    Hey! My mom gave me that glass. Well, you still like to do drugs, right? 

JOSH:        Well, I don't know. 

DALLAS:    (pretends to pull out a joint and roll it) Here, smoke this. 

JOSH:        (Take the drugs) Are you sure about this? 

DALLAS:    Come on just smoke it. You’re free. 

JOSH:        I don’t wanna get stuck.

DALLAS:    Just smoke it, come on smoke it. 

JOSH:        (almost smokes it and then jumps out) I can't!

DALLAS:    Hey! My grandma gave me that? 

JOSH:        What is with your family? 

DALLAS:    I had a hard childhood. Listen, it’s not different. You’re the same person. 

JOSH:        Well, that's just it. I feel like ever since I prayed that prayer, anything I do to myself I do to God.

DALLAS:    There you go sounding like one of those religious people. 

JOSH:        Well, I don’t mean to sound religious. All I know is when I was stuck, I hated myself. What about you? Can you really get out whenever you want?

DALLAS:    You think I'm stuck. 

JOSH:        You're still there. 

DALLAS:    I can get out whenever I want. Watch! (counts down and then jumps out)

JOSH:        Great! That’s the first step of being free.  

DALLAS:    Hey! Don’t talk to me about being free. I got you out of your sin in the first place. 

JOSH:        You're right, and I'm grateful. But don't you see? We're free! We can go anywhere and do anything. We can be accountability partners and get other people unstuck. 

DALLAS:    Sounds good. Tell you what, you go on ahead. I have a few things to finish and I'll catch up with you.

JOSH:        Okay. We’re free! (exits)

DALLAS:    (Looks at him for a moment as he exits) You’re not free. I’m the one that’s free. I like my sin. (steps into sin) I’m comfortable here. (addresses the crowd) I mean that’s why we have Grace, right? Besides, I can get out anytime I want because I’m free. (tries to jump out but is stuck. Surprised) I said I’m free. (tries again, still stuck. Now he tries pulling on his leg. After struggling, he realizes.) I’m stuck. 


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