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Our Little Secret

1st Gen.

(daughter sitting stage left, father sitting in chair center stage, 2 kids sitting together playing video games stage right, mother offstage right)

KID 1:               I'm gonna win!

KID 2:               No, you're not!

KID 1:               Yeah, I am!

KID 2:               Stop it! You're cheating!

KID 1:               No, I'm not! I'm just better than you.

KID 2:               No! You're cheating! Stop it!

(kids keep fighting and getting louder until Father stops them)

FATHER:          Alright! I've had enough! Go outside! Both of you!

(Kids get up and leave stage right)

DAUGHTER:    (gets up to leave but stops just slightly stage right of Father when he speaks)

FATHER:           Hey, baby girl. Come sit beside daddy.

DAUGHTER:    (moves slowly and reluctantly, but sits besides him, not too close)

FATHER:           Come closer. I'm not gonna hurt you.

DAUGHTER:    (shifts closer, still very nervous)

FATHER:           (begins to pet Daughter's hair) Daddy loves you. You know that, right?

DAUGHTER:    (nods head, scared)

FATHER:           And you love daddy, right?

DAUGHTER:    I guess so.

FATHER:           (in a short burst of anger Father shoves Daughter's head away from him. He quickly composes himself and continues though) I'm sorry, baby girl. I know what'll cheer you up. Ice cream.

DAUGHTER:    Ice cream?

FATHER:          Yeah, ice cream. Why don't you go put on that pretty white dress daddy loves so much and we'll go get some ice cream.

DAUGHTER:    Okay. (exit stage left)

MOTHER:        (enters from stage right) Honey, I'm home.

FATHER:           Honey, what are you doing home so early?

MOTHER:        Work let me off early, so I figured I'd come home and make dinner.

FATHER:           Dinner? You should make chicken.

MOTHER:        Chicken? I don't think we have any left. I'd have to run all the way into town. That's 40 minutes there AND back.

FATHER:           It would just really bless me if you made chicken. Here. (pulls out wallet and hands Mother money) Here's some money for the chicken and also some extra just for you. Get yourself something nice.

MOTHER:         Aw! Thank you! I love you! (exits stage right)

FATHER:           (sits down and freezes watching an invisible door to the Daughter's room)

DAUGHTER:    (talking to her teddy bear) Well, Teddy. It's just you and me. It'll be okay. I know, daddy does things some times that I don't understand. I want to tell mommy, but daddy says if I tell her it'll hurt mommy. And I don't wanna hurt mommy. Maybe I can tell miss Cindi at church. But will it hurt her too? I'm scared. It'll be okay, Teddy. I'll protect you. (moves to the door and stands, being watched by Father)

FATHER:           (stands and slowly moves towards Daughter, taking the teddy bear out of her hands)

MOTHER:         (enters from stage right) Actually, I think we still have some chicken in the freezer. (stops, staring right at Daughter) Baby, what are you doing in your nice white dress? (stops and realizes what's happening; switches gaze to Father) What's going on?


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