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1st Gen.

(To the music of “You raise me up” by Celtic woman)


MARY:    He was two miles away. Two miles. And he couldn’t come to save my brothers life. To think I saved up a years worth of my wages for this man. I bought him the best perfume I could buy. I poured it on his feet and I dried it with my hair. My hair! I thought he loved us. I thought he was our friend. Or at least Lazurus’ friend. When he finally did arrive he was four days late. My sister Martha ran out to meet him and said, “Lord, if only you had been here, you could have saved my brother's life.”   Then I hear that the master wants to see me. To see me! When I finally decided to go see him, I fell to my knees and cried, “Lord, if only you had been here you could have saved my brother's life.” And Jesus said…


JESUS:    Where have they laid him?


MARY:    Where have they laid him? What for Jesus? You’re too late! But I took him to the tomb anyways. And then Jesus said the most ridiculous thing. He said…


JESUS:    Roll away the stone.


MARY:    Jesus! You don’t understand! You’re too late! It’s been four days. His body stinks! And then Jesus said…


JESUS:    He will live again.


MARY:    I know that we will all live again, in you. But I don’t want to wait. I miss my brother now. I need him now. And then Jesus said…


JESUS:    No. I am the resurrection and the life. Though he were dead, if he believes in me, he will live again.


MARY:    And then, my Lord, he stood before the tomb and in a loud and thunderous voice, he declared-




MARY:    I heard a noise. I saw a light. My brother walked out of that tomb. But that isn’t the best part of this story. You see, we were a poor family, we couldn’t afford our own tomb. Lazarus was buried with hundreds of other men, but when my Lord called him BY NAME, he got up and he walked out.


(Mary looks at the audience)


MARY:    You all have a name and Jesus knows it well. It doesn’t matter how far away from God you feel you’ve fallen, or how ashamed you feel, or how dead a situation looks. When My Lord calls you by name, you will be raised to life.


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