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How Does It Feel

Micah Thomas


(Jesus stands in the middle of the stage. Clearly beaten and exhausted. Panting. Three people stand, bowed out from stage left. The Devil struts in from stage right.)


DEVIL:    Jesus. Jesus. Jesus… This- (laughs and points to Jesus) This is your King? YOU'RE FOOL’S! You think He can save you? He can’t even save Himself. (caresses Jesus’ face) Isn’t that right, Jesus? (turns to the audience) You’re supposed to be the Mighty Savior, Worker of Miracles, KING OF THE JEWS! (turns to Jesus) You are nothing. You're are weak, pathetic . . .  Just look what you got yourself into. But you are going to forgive your people for what they’ve done, right? They nailed you to a TREE! You love your children, they love you, huh? Their sin placed you here! (laughs) Speaking of your little ones . . . (Devil walks over to the Pastor, drags him by his collar) The Pastor! (Throws him to the far stage right) The Shepherd of the flock! Do you know what your son did? He was caught in adultery. So he’s more like the wolf in sheep's clothing, huh? (Devil turns his attention to the pastor) Man pastor, it’s a shame. The congregation’s not taking you back, bud! What do you people call the church? The Body of Christ? Well they seem to be lopping off their own head. Poor, pastor. (The Devil binds the Pastors hands) You were just caught up in your own lust! (The Pastor winces and Devil slowly walks up to Jesus) How does that make you (Devil grabs Jesus’ arm and places it in the crucifix pose) FEEL! 


(Jesus screams and reacts to the pain) 


DEVIL:    Wait, there’s more! Awww. Lookie here! (Devil grabs Girl) She’s supposed to be made in Your image, but for some reason You made her UGLY! (Throws in center stage in front of Jesus. She is stressed, crying) Oh, what is this? Pills? (Devil gives Girl pills) Alcohol? (gives Girl a bottle) Daddy’s little princess is in distress! (Devil gloats around Jesus) Save her Jesus! Save her! Aw, you can’t, but I can! (Devil turns back to Girl) No, no, no! This won’t do. (knocks pills and alcohol out of her hands) Here, here’s a knife, let me show you how to use it, sweetie. (Devil puts the knife in her hand and helps her cut her wrist. She reacts to the pain and cries) Go on, again, again! (Claps as she hesitantly does it for herself. She freezes in motion) How does that make you FEEL Jesus? (Devil nails Jesus’ other hand to the cross. Jesus screams in pain again) I know you’re dying to see what’s next.


(Devil walks over to the remaining person on stage left. Grabs the Homosexual, spins him around and around. Homosexual is dizzy)


DEVIL:    (Sing-Songy) Poor little man, he’s lost, and confused. (Places the Homosexual in position, the Homosexual is dizzy) Careful! Unfortunate, homosexual. He’s bound to believe he was born this way, but you know what is so, so, so funny about this situation? Is that I, I started that lie, but somehow You get all the credit, Jesus. Awww, it’s just so sad! Some people hurt him when he was just a boy, but nobody believed him, the church wasn’t there for him, his father didn’t care for him, so he internalized and rationalized that it wasn’t a tragedy that damaged him rather genetics that created him. (Devil comforts the Homosexual) God created you this way, God condemns you this way. HE IS A MONSTER! 


(The Homosexual grimaces at Jesus. Devil walks back to Jesus.)


DEVIL:       How does that make you feel!? (Spears Jesus in the side)


(Jesus screams) 


DEVIL:       I’ve won! I did it! I’ve won and you lost! Your children scream, why would a good God do such evil? That’s all me! 


PASTOR:    (falls to his knees) MY GOD!

GIRL:         (falls to her knees) MY GOD!

HOMO:     (Falls to his knees) WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?

DEVIL:        (Laughs) What do you have to say for yourself?

JESUS:       (Out of breath and in pain) Father, forgive them, (Pastor, Girl, and Homosexual react to Jesus’ words as they begin to free them from their bondage) for they do not know what they do! (They all begin to rise up in victory)

(The Devil begins to freak out as he realizes he is losing control) 

DEVIL:       (runs to the Pastor) Wait, no! (Grabs Pastor) They won’t take you back! You can’t forgive yourself!

(Pastor pushes away the Devil and runs to the cross)

DEVIL:       (Runs to the Girl and frantically bullies her) You’re ugly! Jesus doesn’t love you! You’re hopeless!

(Girl pushes back the Devil and kneels at the cross, he begins to scurry more and more frantic)

(The Homosexual is the last to begin to rise, the Devil is really affect by this)

DEVIL:       No! He created you this way, remember? He hates you! God can’t heal you!

(The Homosexual pushes the Devil away and collapses at the cross) 


(The Devil screams and falls to the ground. Defeated.)



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