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(Jesus and Sophia are on center stage. Sophia is freezing cold.)


SOPHIA:          Brrrr. It’s cold in here, Jesus where are we?

JESUS:             Sophia. We are in your heart!


SOPHIA:          Very funny. 


JESUS:             No. Really, we are in your heart. Earlier you asked me to renew your heart and we are going to do just that. We are going to fix your heart's thermostat. 


SOPHIA:          (She shivers) What made it so cold?


JESUS:             Bitterness happened.


SOPHIA:          Bitter?! You’re saying that I’m a bitter person? I’m not bitter! There are tons of people who’ve definitely hurt me and maybe I have a bit of a temp- (Her face comes to a realization) fine, I guess I am a little bit bitter . . . Well how do we fix this?


JESUS:             Well, it’s easy. I’m going to show you three rooms and in these rooms all you have to di is find me!


SOPHIA:          So I’m going to play hide and seek with Jesus?


JESUS:             Sort of! But these rooms represent a pinnacle moment where you were hurt. When you were hurt you didn’t quite see me but now you will. Ready to begin?


SOPHIA:          Yeah. How do we get started?


JESUS:             Simple. We are going to spin around and then the room appears and the scene begins. Pretty cool stuff.


SOPHIA:          Okay. (spins by herself) What? nothing happened.


JESUS:             We have to do it together. 


(They both spin. Sophia sees something in the distance freaks out and grabs Jesus and pulls Him down. )


SOPHIA:          DUCK! 

JESUS:             Where are we?


SOPHIA:          Do you see those two over there?


JESUS:             Yeah?


SOPHIA:          That’s my best friend Ashley and my middle school crush, Braxston.


JESUS:             Well, if it’s the two people you love so much why are we hiding? (Jesus begins to stand, Sophia freaks out and tries to hide him again)


SOPHIA:          BECAUSE! That was the day they both betrayed me at Skunk Cheeks Park!


JESUS;             Skunk Cheeks Park. (Begins to wave his face) that really explains that smell. 


SOPHIA:          Sorry. I’m nervous. (pauses) This was the day that they had a romantic picnic behind my back. 


JESUS:             If they are having such a romantic picnic then why are they running and screaming and flailing their arms?


SOPHIA:          Because.  I did something bad.


JESUS:             That’s okay. (waves face again) I already forgave you.


SOPHIA:          Not that! I, I, I put bugs in their basket. 


JESUS:             You put bugs in their basket? 


SOPHIA:          Well, more specifically than that I put a cricket in their biscuit.


JESUS:             You put a cricket in their biscuit?


SOPHIA:          Yeah to make a racket in their basket.


JESUS:             So you put a cricket in their biscuit to make a racket in their basket?


SOPHIA:          Well I hoped that the cricket in the biscuit would make a racket in their basket. . .


JESUS:             But it didn't?


SOPHIA:          No! Because Braxston ate the biscuit with the cricket in it before the basket could make a racket.




SOPHIA:          Yes. Braxston ate the biscuit with the cricket in it.

JESUS:             Well, what happened to Braxston when he ate the biscuit from the basket?


SOPHIA:          Well. They put him in a casket.


JESUS:             HE DIED?

SOPHIA:          No. But he did have mono for three weeks! But, all in all plan A still worked. 


JESUS:             What was plan B?


SOPHIA:          I was going to light the picnic on fire. (She sees Jesus’ face) Well, it was before I knew you.


JESUS:             Well, do you see me in this room?


SOPHIA:          Yeah. You were right beside me. You were sad that I reacted so angrily and now I wish I could have listened to you. Because really this scenario could have ended way differently. But the way it went down, that was the day I swore that I would never, never, ever, ever, forgive Ashley for what she has done! (As she talks, Ashley enters stage and freezes right behind Sophia in a scared stance) AHH! What is she doing here?


JESUS:             Well, our unforgiveness freezes our bad memories in your heart, making them ice sculptures until you forgive and address the issue. 


SOPHIA:          But I don't want to forgive. They called me bug girl for three summers! 


JESUS:             I was called names too, but you have to forgive.


SOPHIA:          Fine. I know you’re right, it’s been years, time heals all wounds, I’m completely over it. – LISTEN UP YOU TRASH! I mean, wow, Ashley, sorry. I forgive you, we were just young and foolish and honestly after all this time I really do miss you and our friendship.


(Ashley unfreezes and hugs Sophia then walks off stage)


JESUS:             Feel better?


SOPHIA:          (Feels her heart and smiles) Yeah! I had no clue how long I was holding on to that grudge, I already feel a lot warmer! Thank you.


JESUS:             Let’s go to the next room!


SOPHIA:          (Super excited) Alright! Nothing can stop me now, ya’girl is getting unfrozen today! LET IT GO! LET IT GO-NOPE! (She twists around) NO! NO! No! I’m not touching this one with a ten foot pole!


JESUS:             Why are we standing outside a house, and why is that moustache crying in the window?


SOPHIA:          I’ll tell you what’s going on! That mustache is my boyfriend! Jesus welcome to Toby’s drive way where once again- (She changes tone as if she is yelling at Toby from a  distance) I’m begging for him to come talk to me! Because apparently ONCE AGAIN! I’m the one in the wrong! (She talks again to Jesus) All a girl ever once is to have a relationship like in the movies-YET SOMEHOW I’m the one playing the guy character and I’m the one throwing the rocks! (She yells and picks up rocks and throws it at his house) TOBY! GET DOWN HERE NOW! I just want to talk! I’m only yelling because you won’t pick up the phone! NO I’M NOT MAD! (Pause as if listening) YES I DO CARE! (Pauses)  I KNOW YOUR BAND IS IMPORTANT! (Pauses) Please come down and let me make this right! (listens) What? I’m waking up your mom!? Oh. . . sorry Toby’s mom. Your putting your shoes on?? Good! See you in a minute! (She sighs deeply and addresses Jesus) Jesus can I be honest with you? 


JESUS:             You don’t like his mustache either?


SOPHIA:          Well, that too. But I just want to be treated like a princess, I want to feel safe and protected and loved in someone’s arms. But after he broke up with HE broke up with ME! After that, I just felt like nobody else could ever love me. 

JESUS:             Well, where am I?


SOPHIA:          Hopefully in Toby’s room dragging his rear down the stairs!


JESUS:             Seriously, look for me, where do you think I was?


SOPHIA:          (Looks around)  I guess, you were on the lawn looking out for me. You really helped me get through this moment and shortly after we broke up is when I actually met you. (Toby walks out to center stage and freezes in position) I can’t even look at him. Why do I have to do this, why me? He’s never even apologized!


JESUS:             Forgiveness is for you, not the other person. If you don’t take this seriously, you’re the only one left out in the snow. Holding on to unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting him to die. 



SOPHIA:          (breathes heavily) Fine . . . Toby . . . I-forgive-you. (She says it in one breath) I don’t want to live in this guilt of what I should have or could have done. I am who I am and you are who your are. I know Jesus has someone in store for each of us. So I’m not going to hold on to this anymore. (Toby hugs her and walks away) Whoa . . . I don’t just feel warmer . . . (Sophia’s face is relieved, but Jesus’ face is growing sad, knowing what is coming next) I feel free! I didn’t think I could ever, ever do that-But now I feel like I can forgive anybody! Where-to next? (Jesus face is filled with compassion) What’s wrong Jesus? 


JESUS:             (slowly) Sophie, for this next room. (Extends hands) I think you’ll want to hold my hand. 


SOPHIA:          (She takes his hand but is confused. They turn around slowly and their emotions transition. Her face is filling with fear. ) N-no no. Wait . . . Lord please . . . (She lets go of Jesus’ hand.)


JESUS:             Sophie, just tell me what you see?


SOPHIA:          (Fighting back fear and tears) please don’t make me.


JESUS:             Sophia, what do you see?


SOPHIA:          I don’t want too! 


JESUS:             I need you to trust me . . . what do you see?


SOPHIA:          (She is shaking uncontrollably, she is like a little girl.) I . . . . I see my toys . . . . I-I want to stop now. Please.


JESUS:             What else?


SOPHIA:          I can hear my mom watching TV in the living room.


JESUS:             Where are you?


SOPHIA:          I’m standing by my bed . . . 


JESUS:             What are you doing, Sophia.


SOPHIA:          I’m scared please!


JESUS:             Where are we?

SOPHIA:          I don’t want to be here! Jesus, I don’t want you in this room! 


JESUS:             Where are we?


SOPHIA:          My bedroom. (She cries) My dad’s in the hallway!


JESUS:             Sophia, do you see me? (Trying to get her attention. She is shaking in fear.)


SOPHIA:          He’s touched me so many times before, I know exactly what those footsteps mean!


JESUS:             Sophia! Do you see me?


SOPHIA:          I HATE THIS! Can we please stop now! I don’t care if I’m cold!


JESUS:             Sophie, find me, find me in the room!


SOPHIA:          YOU WERE NEVER HERE! Because if you were this would have never happened! YOU’RE NOT IN THE ROOM! You’re NOT! How could you? Where were you? You were never here . . . ( She is sobbing and falls to the floor)


JESUS:             Sophia. (He comforts her) I’ve been in this room a thousand times. I’ve wept over your pain. What he did to you was evil! It would have been better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown in the middle of the sea than for him to have hurt you. and what he did hurt you, and vengeance is mine; but we are not here for your dad . . . We are here for you. Because even in the midst of this dark room, there is still hope.


SOPHIA:          What hope?


JESUS:             The hope is me, the hope is freedom. You’ve allowed this evil to define your entire life, but if, IF you forgive you’re father, you will be set free. I promise.


(The father slowly comes on stage, his back is always to the audience. He is frozen in position of him opening a door. He wears a hat to cover his face. Sophia is terrified of him. She is sobbing like a child. Jesus is holding her. She is shaking and trying to muster up the courage. She looks in his direction, but not at him. Slowly says.)


SOPHIA:          I-I forgive you . . . 


(She breaks down again and collapses in Jesus’ arm. There is a moment of Jesus fathering her and rocks her back and forth.)


JESUS:             Look  . . . You’re warm now. 




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