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Booking Requirements

Church Service

Church services held on a Sunday morning, Sunday night, or midweek do not have a standard cost. All we expect is a love offering from your congregation - this allows us to remain affordable and accessible to any church no matter the size. Even still, many pastors do inquire our average service offering income and weekly 

expenditures as a ministry. that being said, a typical Sunday service will usually provide between $500-$1000 offering, while a midweek service typically provides between $300-$800. With multiple teams on the road maintaining multiple services we believe God for $3,000 of weekly 

income for our operational expenses and to do what it takes to keep our teams safe and sound on the road. 


When our team arrives to a campground we are prepared to offer: camp set up, biblical teaching, camp staff, cabin leaders, live entertainment, energetic services, drama workshops, small group sessions and clean up when it all comes to an end. Thats why we ask for a standard charge of $1500 for all week long camps. 

Special Event

Any events that you add to our calendar during our stay is free! Just as long as we receive a love offering from the Sunday or midweek service that you provide. 

Booking & Cancelation Fee

We charge a standard $50 booking fee to cover our gas and food. Because our teams travel 11 months out of the year we require a $200 short-notice cancellation fee if you cancel within 4 weeks upon our arrival. 


Financial commitments for church services, special events, camps, cancellation and booking fees.


Our core values that our teams hold, living them out during their time of ministry at your church or event. 


The several ways NLDC comes to serve your church or event. 

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