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Fear Not

Brayden Dilworth

(Steve standing center stage already, Carl walks on stage mumbling) 


STEVE:      Hey, what's wrong, Carl? 

CARL:       Well, I thought I had the day off and was going to go into town with my wife, but on the way there I saw a wolf chasing my sheep and realized, OH WAIT! I NEVER GET THE DAY OFF! 

STEVE:      Well, if I ever want a day off I just call in sick!

CARL:       Hey! You've been sick at least twice this month!

STEVE:      (Says nothing just looks at carl and shakes his head.) Yeah, I was so tired after work last night that I fell asleep with my crook. 

CARL:       Oh, you did? 

STEVE:      Yeah, it gave me such a crook in my neck.

(Steve looks with anticipation at Carl for his reaction Carl finds no humor in this and just shakes his head) 

STEVE:      EWE! 

CARL:       What? 

STEVE:      No, ewes, the ewes are here!

CARL:       Oh! You mean the female sheep. 

STEVE:      Exactly! Heyyy Linda, how you doing?! 

CARL:       Oh not this again! Every time we're up here you do this! It's starting to freak me out man.

STEVE:      Tracy! Waz up gurl? How you been? Haven't seen you around lately. You and Linda good? You two good? 

CARL:       If you don't stop I'm gonna go to the other side of the hill. 

STEVE:      What's wrong man? I'm just saying hi! (Notices another sheep wondering off) Marcy, where you goin'?

(At this point someone is on the mic improving sheep noises to carry the conversation and Carl is showing he's annoyed) 

MARCY:    Baaaaaa

STEVE:      How are you and Jimmy? 

MARCY:    Baaaaaaa

STEVE:      Oh you two broke up? I'm so sorry. 

STEVE:      (looks over at carl) Did you hear Marcy and Jimmy broke up? 

CARL:       What are you talking about? 

STEVE:      Don't worry, Marcy, we're here for you. There's plenty of sheep in the flock. 

MARCY:    Baaaa 

STEVE:      Hey look, there's no need to get sassy, I'm just trying to help. 

MARCY:    Baaaaaa 

STEVE:      (All improv) Oh really? 

MARCY:    Ba

STEVE:      Hey! There's no need for that kind of language!

MARCY:    Baaaaaaaaaa

STEVE:      Oh, so you wanna go there do ya? 

MARCY:    Ba ba baaaa


CARL:       STEVE! 


MARCY:    Baaaaa 


(Steve try's to run off stage to attack Marcy but Carl holds him back. This carries on until angel walks on stage.)  

ANGEL:     Hey, guys! 

(Both turn and look at angel with a puzzled  and terrified look on their faces.)

ANGEL:     I just came over here to tell you... uhhhh (reads off his wrist and clears throat) "I bring you good news that- 

(Gets cut off by screams of terror from both Steve and Carl. Angel is puzzled and starts to read again tentatively) 

ANGEL:     "I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all - (gets cut off again by screams) ....the ....people, WHAT IS YOUR GUYS' PROBLEM!?!?

(Gets cut off as he's saying problem) 

ANGEL:     Okay I'm just gonna get this over with. 

(Shepherd's are crying in terror) 

ANGEL:     (Reads faster) "I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today In the town - (gets cut off starts reading faster) TODAY in the town of Bethlehem a savior is born (gets cut off again) He is the Messiah (cut off) THE MESSIAH AND THE LORD (gets cut off at "Lord" and Sheherd's start yelling. Angel starts yelling at the Shepard's. This causes the shepards to be even more scared. Then the angel snaps out of it when he puts his hands on the Sheherd's and see's something else that was written on his wrist.)

ANGEL:     Ohhhhh! I'm so sorry guys, I forgot the first line. (Clears throat) "Fear not; 

(Both shepherds stop crying at the same time and say super chill)

BOTH:       Ohhh, well why didn't you start off with that?

CARL:        Sooo what were you trying to tell us? 

ANGEL:     (Rolls his eyes, sighs and says with a annoyed tone says) Christ the lord is born down there in Bethlehem, he's wrapped in cloth in a manager, and he's gonna save the world. (Walks off stage) 


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