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Dilon Heiserman


ALEX:      Wow, my first time flying with Jesus!


JESUS:    Yes, it's very exciting. Ok, are you ready?


ALEX:      Ready? Jesus, I was born ready. I have been flying though life for 19 years. But now I have decided to let you be my co-pilot.


JESUS:    Ok, this should be fun.


ALEX:      Now, I am going to ease into the throttle. Now I am gently pulling back to make us go up. Now we are going to level out.


JESUS:    Yes, I know how these planes work.


ALEX:      Jesus, we're flying! Isn't this cool!


JESUS:    Yes it is. Now that we are up here, why don’t we do a exercise?


ALEX:      What kind of exercise? I think pushups would be kind of hard.


JESUS:    No, no, no not that kind of exercise. A trust exercise.


ALEX:      Jesus, you know I have a problem trusting people.


JESUS:    I know but you need to learn how to trust Me.


ALEX:      Jesus, I don’t think I can. You know that I have been hurt.


JESUS:    Yes, I know, but I will never let you down. Come on, its going to be easy just let go of the controls.


ALEX:      But Jesus if I let go, how can the plane fly?


JESUS:    I will fly the plane.


ALEX:      No, Jesus you need my help to fly. I am a professional.  What is that?!


JESUS:    That is a bird.


ALEX:      I have never seen that kind of bird before. What do I do?!


(Jesus turns the plane. then looks at the Alex like see I know what to do.)


ALEX:      Jesus! You knew exactly what to do.


JESUS:    Yes, I'm Jesus. Now are you alright to let go?


ALEX:      But, Jesus why do I need to let go? We are doing just fine with both of us flying the plane.


JESUS:    You need to trust me. When you trust me there is a peace that comes with it.


ALEX:      You are sure I can let go and we won’t crash?


JESUS:    No, we won’t crash. I have the controls. And remember the bird?


ALEX:      Yeah, but there is a lot bigger things out there than birds!


JESUS:    I know, but I know how to handle anything that comes up.


ALEX:      Are you sure?


JESUS:    Yes.


ALEX:      Ok, I will try.


JESUS:    Good, now let go.


ALEX:      I’m going to.


JESUS:    Ok.


ALEX:      Here it goes.


JESUS:    Ok, let go.


ALEX:      I’m working on it. Here I go. I am going to let go.


(Alex lets go)


ALEX:      Wow, this is kind of nice.


JESUS:    And now that you are not in control you can enjoy the view


ALEX:      Wow, this is beautiful! Jesus are you seeing this?


JESUS:    I made all of this for you to enjoy.


ALEX:      Thank you. you know you are a good pilot. You fly so smooth. Kinda like peanut butter.


(bump both people jump up the Alex grabs the controls)


ALEX:      The crunchy kind! What was that!?!


JESUS:    Just a little bump in the road of life. didn’t you hit those before?


ALEX:      Little? You call that little? See Jesus this is why I can’t let go! They were not this bad when I was in control.


JESUS:    Well, we didn’t crash. I know how to handle those types of things.


ALEX:      I don’t know I felt really unsafe.


JESUS:    It was completely safe. Now lets go again.


ALEX:      What? you want me to let go again? Ha! No way Jesus I got this.


JESUS:    But remember how happy you were when I was in control?


ALEX:      True. But what if we hit one of life’s storms.


JESUS:    Well, I am not going to lie to you.


ALEX:      You're Jesus. You can't lie.


JESUS:    True. We are going to run into some of those.


ALEX:      See Jesus! You need me to be in control. I mean if I let go then this whole plane could just fall right out of the sky.


JESUS:    The plane will not fall right out of the sky. I can fly.


ALEX:      I did like looking at view.


JESUS:    See and didn’t it feel peaceful?


ALEX:      Yes……Fine I will let go…..But Jesus look at those clouds!


JESUS:    I see them. Now would be a great time to let go. I know the best way to go through storms.


ALEX:      Ok. Here I go.


(Alex lets go)


ALEX:      Jesus. We are going into the storm!


JESUS:    Yes, just stay calm I can do this.


(hit a bump)


ALEX:      AW!


JESUS:    Just stay calm. I am in (hit another bump) control. 


ALEX:      Jesus! I don’t think I can just sit here!


JESUS:    This is a different kind of storm then you are use to.


ALEX:      I don’t care i have been though tons of storms and I am just a little hurt.


JESUS:    You need to let me do this. That is the best (hit bump) thing you can (hit bump) do. 


ALEX:      No!! Jesus! I got this!!


(Alex grabs the controls and the plane starts going down. The Alex just starts yelling thing. Jesus look sad and is just watching. The plane crashes. You hear "flight simulation terminated”)


ALEX:      See Jesus! (stands up) We crashed! I can’t trust you!


(Alex walks away)


JESUS:    I will be here when you are ready to try again! 




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