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Micah Thomas + Dillon Heiserman + Madison Grubbs + Amanda Cowell


(Four people stand in a row. The first person walks down stage and salutes.)


FIRST:         America, the land of the free and home of the brave. We once were a proud country of red, white, and blue, but now we are a solid crimson. Stained with the blood of America’s children.

(First person walks back into the row. Everybody raises their head.)

ALL:            56 million. 56 million of America’s sons and daughters, 56 million times we’ve been led to the slaughter.

FIRST:          Just as we speak four thousand of my kin have died, not by war, famine, or disease, but from terrorism on the inside.

ALL:             56 million voices lost.

SECOND:    The word.

ALL:             Abortion!

SECOND:    Is so hush hush.

ALL:              (Raise their right hands and pound their fists) Don’t kill your baby!

SECONDS:  is just too much, we think that praying in the distance is plenty enough.

THIRD:         Churches are sweeping that dust under the rug but within the same stroke they approve of this evil. We are killing our children underneath the steeple.

ALL:              56 million mothers become murderers.

FOURTH:     Some women think that to better their lives they must sacrifice another but that perception is incorrect. 

THIRD:         It’s simply a misconception they conceived to validate contraception to the extreme. They are tilling the ground but destroying the seed. 

ALL:             56 million lives have been taken.

SECOND:   Some think that abortion is a hateful word only meant to shame but they don’t see the pain of the reality that a baby’s life is taken in vain. 

ALL:            But I guess you see what you want to see.

FIRST:          I find it funny that if the baby is wanted it looks just like mom. But if the baby is inconvenient it’s just a lifeless blob.

ALL:             I Guess you hear what you want too as well.

FOURTH:    Our definition of a sign of life is misconstrued.

THIRD:         Because.

ALL:             One bleep from space.

THIRD:         NASA and the nation goes crazy.

ALL:             But bleeps from a monitor inside of the mill, the doctor assures is not a baby!

FOURTH:    But there is only one truth! (Puts up her finger)

F/T:             One simply fact. (Puts up finger)

F/T/S:          A baby is a baby!

ALL:             Abortion is murder, and it's happening now! (All slam down their finger) 56 million times!

SECOND:    We’ve conceived and had away with it.

ALL:             56 million times

THIRD:         Deceit had it’s way with it.

ALL:             We say its her choice! (The women put their hands on their hips) Her life! (The women strut upstage and men turn towards the women) Her voice! (Men bow down as the women strike a pose) Her body!

FOURTH:    They claim right to legal authority, playing God with deciding who dies and who doesn’t.

THIRD:        But so did one man who silenced millions of voices inside of a gas chamber.

ALL:             56 million.

SECOND:    We say we’ll save the babies tomorrow when we are not busy. But tomorrow never comes for the babies today.

FIRST:           Every 30 seconds a child is put to death.

ALL:             (Raise their rise hand and tick like a clock) Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

SECOND:    Oh God please help us. 56 million times. But this time.

ALL:              Let’s take a stand!



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