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Pastor Billy Claudio and Dawn Claudio

Billy & Dawn Claudio

Billy was a Co-Founder of New Life Drama Company back in 1983.  As a 19 year old dreamer, Billy along with 7 other individuals completed Bible School and headed out on what at first was just a summer adventure that turned into one of the oldest and most successful Christian Drama Ministries in the country.  Billy met Dawn as a member of the team and eventually they married.   Billy and His wife Dawn worked alongside the inspiration behind the NLDC, David Woodrow, for 13 years until called into a pastoral role in another state.  After 18 years God called them back to reengage NLDC and bring their unique style of leadership and creativity to the Ministry.  Billy serves as lead pastor at Oasis Community church in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife who serves as the worship pastor.  They founded this church in 2001 and have seen Gods blessings on it at is continues to flourish and grow.

Eric & Megan Van Schoonhoven/  Dicipleship and Spiritual Mentor of NLDC

Eric has been on staff at OCC serving as the Student ministry pastor and is a graduate of Masters commission.  His skill in leadership development as well as spiritual formation has made huge impacts in our young adult ministry.





Brian Krone/  Writer, director, team lead.

Brian traveled with NLDC for over two years before getting married and moving into the real estate and banking industry.  He now has a wife and three children and lives and works in the Scottsdale area.  He has a lifetime of experience starting as a child actor on Romper Room, Uncle Briggs show, the movie “up in the air with George Clooney as an extra. Played the Disney characters Goofey, Tigger, Baloo, Woody  from toy story  at Disney world  and was in the production Fantasmic at Hollywood studios. His desire is to produce full length films.


Rob Paulus/ Creative Director

Rob has had a heart for Christian based theatre all of his life.  Born the son of a preacher man, Rob decided at an early age to rebel into Christian story telling instead of Christian preaching.  There are some who say he didn’t stray far.  He started doing theatre in elementary school and continued until he received his BFA in theatre at USIU.  He then went to travel around the United States performing skits for three years with the New Life Drama Company.  He was a founding member of the third team. In 1988, Rob felt the call to the Central Coast of California to start up a Christian based theatre company.  On his journey towards that vision he performed at the Oceano Great American Melodrama; directed American Melodrama; directed around ten productions for four different churches in Santa Maria, California; found his wonderful wife Denise; had two children; got his teaching degree in English; taught theatre, English and art classes at Santa Maria, Righetti, Delta, and Pioneer Valley High Schools.  He has directed several outreach theatrical productions including Godspell; Gold, Frankincense, Christmas Tree Ornaments and Myrrh; Anne of Green Gables.  He has also acted in, narrated and/or helped design the sets for several choral productions.  Rob is now teaching art at Pioneer Valley High School.  Between 1991-2009 he was the theatre teacher at Ernest Righetti High School, where he directed, designed and produced over 150 productions.  He was co-director of the Beyond Sunday Repertory Theatre Company ’07-’08 and director and producer of Beyond Sunday Productions ’09.

David Woodrow (Director Extraordinaire)

David is the lead founder of the New Life Drama Company and it was through his inspiration that the formation of the ministry began. He actively lead the ministry for 30 years before turning over leadership to Billy & Dawn Claudio.  Dave’s experience in theatre and directing has been extensive, starting at Moorhead State University in the 70’s and continuing all the way into the present.  His skill in directing and writing created much of what is known as NLDC’s best sketches.  He continues to help when he is in town or when the teams head out east in developing great ministry sketches.  Dave is now leading a preaching and teaching ministry that travels extensively in the United States and around the globe.

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